Aiming for a safe energy supply without using oil

Für eine sichere Energieversorgung ohne Erdöl

Become part of a 100% renewable future. Support our commitment to achieving a long-term, secure and renewable energy supply.

100 % renewable is possible -
but the time is running out

100% erneuerbar ist möglich - aber die Zeit drängt

We still have time to choose between an energy and financial crisis or a timely switch to renewable energy.
Act now and support «energy for future» to ensure that we won’t run out of energy when oil runs out.

The foundation

100 %  renewable by 2040

Our goal: become 100% energy independent from oil by 2040 by using sustainable, renewable ressources (solar, wind, biomass, water).
Independent, clean and safe energy for a long-term, secure energy supply.

Key Activities

‹‹energy for future›› is involved on different levels to achieve a long-term, secure energy supply without using fossil fuels. Learn more about the activities and commitment of the foundation.

Corporate Partner

The following companies support «energy for future» as Corporate Partners:

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Our embassadors

Prof. Urs Muntwyler

Urs Muntwyler

Solar pioneer
Professor of Photovoltaics, BFH-TI

«The future of our energy supply is solar and renewable. For this to happen quickly and effectively needs efforts to be made at all levels. The ‹energy for future› foundation is just such a force.»

Thomas Binggeli

Thomas Binggeli

Entrepreneur Thömus Veloshop/Stromer
Winner, Swiss Economic Forum 2006 

«Renewable energy belongs to the future. Clean, safe and produced in Switzerland. That’s why I’m committed to ‹energy for future- 100% renewable›.»

Dr. Daniele Ganser

Daniele Ganser

Historian, energy expert
Lecturer, University of Basel

«Peak oil is a reality for which we must prepare. We need the energy switchover. Only renewable energy is inexhaustible».

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